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A Prayer for our Country

God, our country needs help. We don’t have one United States but two. Two sides torn apart by a fissure, and now we are just drifting away from each other. Politics is divided. Christianity is divided. Humanity is divided. The Divided States of America. Deliver us from this evil. I know that I must be … Continue reading “A Prayer for our Country”

Some Paintings Refuse to be Painted

Sometimes things don’t turn out like you planned. For example, that awesome painting here, of an owl in an apple tree? Well, check out the photo I was using as my guide… Yeah… Things went awry.  But here’s the thing. The final product turned out awesome! I just had to trust in the process. I … Continue reading “Some Paintings Refuse to be Painted”

Blank Canvases and Original Sin

Do empty canvases make anyone else anxious?Oh, the possibilities! possibilities for greatness…. possibilities for horrific errors. How do you get past those blank slate jitters? My high school art teacher taught me to do an UNDER-under painting. The first layer is to “mess it up and get that part over with.” Then you don’t feel … Continue reading “Blank Canvases and Original Sin”