Artist. Sociologist. Seeker. Heart Attack Survivor. Nerd. 

My first memory of art is watching my dad draw, and thinking it was good. Once I was old enough to hold a pencil, he gave me some “how to draw things” books. I studiously followed the steps laid out within the pages of these precious books and found I had a knack for copying things. But I thought being an artist was about as likely as being famous or hitting the lottery. It just didn’t seem like a career path for “normal” people.

Back then, I wanted to be normal…

Wholehearted Living with Art and Soul

Growing up, I always wanted to teach. So, when it came time to pick a college major, I decided to combine my desire to teach with my love of art, by majoring in art education. I taught elementary art for four years. The schools lacked resources, so I lacked a “home base,” sometimes even a room of my own.

I taught art from a cart.

It had its challenges. After having my daughter, I quit work to be with her… then got stir crazy and went back to school. This time for a Ph.D. in sociology. I went back to teaching, this time as a sociology professor. But as an adjunct faculty member, I still lacked a “home base,” and never even had an office of my own.

I taught sociology from a cart… and I lost the art for a while.

Then the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) saw fit to hire me as a sociologist for the denomination. The Presbyterians grew on me, and soon I joined their ranks. I was baptized in August of 2015 and began exploring Christian spirituality, reading some Thomas Merton, taking meditation classes… basically, reawakening that sense of wonder about the world and our place in it.

That’s when the art came back.

And that desire to be normal vanished. 

Now I feel inspired to move beyond copying things, to pierce the surface and find the Truth in the objects and the people I am painting—to shift from ‘looking’ to ‘seeing.’ 

Nothing resembles reality less than the objects in front of us. The objects are shadows. But what if we could uncover a deeper reality by integrating what we see with what we perceive? What if we could find that sacred space where meaning and object unite – to connect with the spark of creation that is shared between subject and object? To do this is to practice the presence of God.

Making art is an act of devotion – and all life is art. Spirit flows through all. We just have to awaken to this reality. 

Join me in my search to find the Creator in Creation.


Purdue University
Ph.D., Sociology, 2011

Ball State University
MA, Sociology, 2006

Ball State University
BS, Visual Arts Education, 1999

The Divine Shepherd

Shows and Exhibitions

Psalm 23: The Good Shepherd
Highland Presbyterian Church

Painted live during a 5-part worship series. This worship series was live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube. Guests were not allowed in the sanctuary due to the pandemic. The final painting is on permanent display at Highland Presbyterian Church.


Leader and Founder

Limen Place
2020 – 2022

Limen Place is a creative contemplative community. We host two monthly circles. One is a Contemplative Pause, focusing on spiritual practices. The other is a Creative Pause, focusing on creative practices.

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
2014 – 2023

Research Associate

Resident data visualization expert. Directs the US Congregational Vitality Survey. Tracks the 1001 Worshiping Communities movement.

Staff Day Retreat Leader

Art & Soul: Painting as Prayer Workshop

Owner and Founder

Vetiver Aromatics
2011 – PRESENT

Vetiver Aromatics is a purveyor of perfume-making kits and supplies. Our mission is to help people find their inner perfumer by providing the education, materials, and supplies to practice the mad science of artisan perfumery.

Adjunct Professor

Indiana University Southeast:
Social Problems
2009 – PRESENT

University of Louisville:
Social Theory, Diversity & Inequality, Social Problems, Introduction to Sociology
2009 – 2012

Tiffin University:
The Psychology of Success
2009 – 2012

University of Phoenix:
Racial Relations in the United States
2009 – 2012

Elementary Art Teacher

Muncie Community Schools
2000 – 2003

Taught elementary art to the children of two small elementary schools in Muncie, IN. My time was split equally between the two schools. I had art rooms in both schools.

Elementary Art Teacher

Anderson Community Schools
1999 – 2000

Taught “art on a cart” to the children of a small, struggling elementary school in Anderson Indiana, visiting from room to room to teach the kids for 45 minutes while the teacher was able to go take a break. This job only lasted a year because the school was shut down due to failing the No Child Left Behind Initiative.


Worship Arts Committee
Highland Presbyterian Church
2020 – 2022

Designs ways to incorporate the arts into worship services.

Fellowship Committee
Highland Presbyterian Church
2017 – 2021

Incorporates art into church life, including:

  • Art & Soul, Painting as Prayer workshop
  • Advent paint-a-long workshop
  • Organized a field trip to the Speed Art Museum
  • Launched a Contemplative Photography group

Louisville Artisans Guild
2021 – PRESENT

painting supplies

Grants and Awards

Lifelong Arts Fellowship
Indiana Arts Commission

OnRamp Fellowship
Indiana Arts Commission