Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Where Story meets Spirit.

Are you…?

  • in a creative rut or experiencing writer’s block
  • a writer struggling to put your heart on the page
  • longing to tap into your inner wisdom
  • interested in connecting with your creative soul
  • wanting to dive deeper into spiritual practices
  • wandering in the wilderness of your life
  • seeking to learn your spirit language
  • yearning for a deeper connection with the Divine – or with yourself
Creative Spiritual Direction could be for you!

Spiritual direction is the art of companioning people as they journey toward a deeper relationship with the Divine.

It’s one hour a month in which I hold space for YOU by offering:

  • deep listening
  • a contemplative presense
  • creative practices
  • discernment tools
  • meaning making
  • an exploration of your wild and growing edges

Join me at the intersection of creativity and spirituality.

Spiritual Direction is NOT:

  • Religion. You bring your own connection to your own God, Gods, Goddess, Divine, Spirit, Ground of All Being, Bright One, Exalted, Great Spaghetti Monster. Spirituality has no dogma, no creed. I identify (at the moment, for this is always shifting) as a Unitarian Universalist Presbyterian Pagan, and believe that Truth and Meaning can be found in any faith—or no faith.
  • Therapy. I am not trained to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, or any diagnosed illness.
  • Coaching. I companion you as you find your Truth, in your time, in your way. I offer tools, listening, and the occasional gentle guidance as I name your options or repeat back to you what I am hearing or noticing in your story.
  • Tea-spilling, bitch sessions, or friendship circles. This is your time to share. My time to listen. And what happens in Spiritual Direction stays in Spiritual Direction.


My rate is $75 per session.

I am currently enrolled in the Spiritual Direction Certification program with Cherry Hill Seminary.

If you are interested in doing Spiritual Direction work with me, schedule a free 30-minute discovery session. You may also email me at angieandriot@gmail.com.