Wholehearted living with art and soul.


My paintings are best viewed while sipping a cup of tea and meditating on the interconnectedness of all things.


I paint realistic portraits that honor individuals with whimsy and charm. I specialize in legacy portraits, in which I interview the person to obtain their life story in addition to painting their portrait.

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The Artist

My first memory of art is watching my dad draw, and thinking it was good. Once I was old enough to hold a pencil, he gave me some “how to draw things” books. I studiously followed the steps laid out within the pages of these precious books and found I had a knack for copying things. But I thought being an artist was about as likely as being famous or hitting the lottery. It just didn’t seem like a career path for “normal” people.

Back then, I wanted to be normal…

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Art makes life better.

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