Lent Painting Fundraiser

Lent Painting Fundraiser

Hark! I am selling prints of my latest painting, The Divine Shepherd.

Imagine yourself in Psalm 23. You know the one. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…”

There you stand. Your cup runneth over. Before you is a table, prepared in the presence of your enemies. You are drawn to the valley ahead, though it seems to contain the very shadow of Death within. But you are not afraid. Goodness and mercy are in hot pursuit. Will you stop long enough for them to catch you? Will you lie down in those green pastures? Rest beside the still waters?

The Divine Shepherd was painted live by me during a five-part Lenten worship series in 2021 at Highland Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY. The painting is a 4×6′ acrylic on canvas. The original painting is on permanent loan to Highland. However, prints are available over at my community website, Limen Place! 

3 ways to enjoy this painting

You too can have your very own copy of this painting in the form of a greeting card, a fine art paper print (framed or unframed), or a stretched canvas print. And better yet?

All proceeds will benefit Limen Place.

Limen Place is a creative contemplative community based in the heart of Louisville, but with participants extending across several states. Limen is a place for people who dance at the margins. It’s for seekers who are yearning for a new way to experience the sacred, and latent artists who yearn to explore their creativity and connect to others in community. Above all, it’s a place for people who want to learn to live with vulnerable, humble, joyful, open hearts. The thing is, every path is different, and only you can discover your own path. What we can do is walk that path together. We can give you tools for the road. Maybe not a map, but we have some good tips for staying hydrated. The best oil for your lamp. That kind of stuff.

Did you miss the live painting during worship?

Catch up here.

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