A Prayer for our Country

A Prayer for our Country

God, our country needs help.

We don’t have one United States but two. Two sides torn apart by a fissure, and now we are just drifting away from each other. Politics is divided. Christianity is divided. Humanity is divided. The Divided States of America.

Deliver us from this evil.

I know that I must be the change I want to see, but sometimes I retreat into my cozy sanctuary where there is no bad news because I avoid all news. Where there is no division because I've already blocked anyone who makes my blood boil.

Sometimes I join in on the division, the hatred, the finger pointing.
Sometimes I'm part of the problem.

Deliver me from this evil.

I pray that our country can find a path towards unity. That we will be indivisible. I pray that liberty and justice really is for all.
I pray for a country that welcomes the stranger, loosens the bonds of injustice, frees the captive, and feeds the hungry.
I pray that we can find a path to peace for our country. I pray that I can find a path to peace with my enemies.

Until then, I pray for the strength to not strangle the knuckleheads.


Artist. Seeker. Heart attack survivor.

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