The Tree of Perseverance

The Tree of Perseverance

painting of tree with stone fence

This tree is special. Well, okay maybe the tree isn’t special, but the walk I took it on was.

(All trees are special, Angie.)

I snapped the photo of this tree on a hike. It’s the hike that was significant, because it was my first hike post-heart attack.

The hike was hard.

It was emotionally hard (so far away from a hospital! How could an ambulance get to me if anything happened??).

It was physically hard (even though I was hiking with people in their 60s, they had to hold back and wait for me at times).

But I did it.

The photo that inspired the painting

This tree is in Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, in Harrodsburg, KY. This place is beautiful, serene, and so….orderly. It was a wonderful place for our annual women’s group retreat. The atmosphere is perfect for cultivating a sense of stepping outside of your life for a bit; to slow down, take a look around, and reflect.

Some Photos from Shaker Village

Shaker Village is a beautiful place. Here are some more photos I took while there:

Artist. Seeker. Heart attack survivor.

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