Step out of the boat

Step out of the boat

How have you been feeling lately? Because I think a lot of us are afraid right now. There is, after all, so much to be afraid of. So much uncertainty – economic uncertainty, political uncertainty, health uncertainty. What are our lives going to be like on the other side of this pandemic? On the other side of this administration? The other side of this day?

Sometimes I feel like our whole nation is far out at sea, our boat battered by the waves, the wind against us, no land in sight. A storm is brewing, and I am afraid. I fear that just like when the disciples saw Jesus walking towards them across the water, when we see salvation coming for us, instead of feeling relief, we will become terrified. Like them, we will be distrustful and want to stay in our boat.

I don’t know about you, but I love the safety of my boat. It’s cozy here. Quiet. I know that I’m lucky. Other people are in the same storm as me, but paddling along on a leaky raft with naught but a single oar. But if I want to do anything to help others ride out this storm, I need to take the advice of Jesus and not be afraid.

(lol just kidding that’s not going to happen I am a bundle of nerves on a good day)

I just need to take what little faith I have and step out anyway, cradling my fear close to my chest like a lost puppy.

May we step out of our boats.
May we venture forth despite our fear.
Despite our uncertainty.
Knowing that the storm will still rage.
Knowing that we will likely slip underwater.
And may someone be there to catch us.

Artist. Seeker. Heart attack survivor.

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