Who called us good

Who called us good

This week’s assignment in my spiritual direction class was to write a Collect. This is a form of short poetic prayer that helps you gather your thoughts and discern your intentions. Here are the components:

  1. Name who you are praying to – what title and moniker will you use to address God? God in what capacity? It should relate to your desire.
  2. Unfold that name. What does it mean, who is this God?
  3. Name your desire. Just one desire. Make it simple.
  4. Unfold that desire. Use descriptive language. Why do you want this?
  5. Finish with praise.

Try writing your own! I found the process very interesting. I thought I was going in one direction, but by the end of the prayer I looked back and turns out I had gone somewhere very different. It was enlightening. Perhaps the process could be helpful for you too.

Divine Creator,
Who took a formless void 
and gave us shape
Who took the darkness that covered the face of the deep
and gave us light
Who took your own image, according to your likeness
and made us 
Who called us good

Who called us good? 
Am I not a formless void? 
Is darkness not covering the face of my deep?
Is my image divine? 

Creator God,
Give me shape
Give me light
Or gently turn my face 
and open my eyes
so that I may see 
the shape and light
that is already there
The earth is full of your goodness
All of creation is your glory
All of creation
Even me

Artist. Seeker. Heart attack survivor.

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