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The kingdom of heaven is like…

The Kingdom of Heaven is like… Weeds in a wheat field (damned interlopers) A mustard seed (that grows in my backyard) Yeast hidden in dough (set it aside in a warm spot to rise) One pearl of great value (get it now for the low low cost of everything you own) The Kingdom of Heaven … Continue reading “The kingdom of heaven is like…”

The problem of individualism

So I’ve been contemplating the message(s) in the Parable of the Sower, in which a gardener tosses around a bunch of seeds with extreme abandon. Whether these seeds (the Word of God, love, peace, wisdom, enlightenment, nirvana) take root and grow depends on where they land: in the path, on rocky soil, amongst thorny bushes, … Continue reading “The problem of individualism”

Welcome as a Spiritual Practice

I’ve been thinking a lot this morning about welcome as a spiritual practice. A deep, true welcome is more than merely being nice to others, and it goes beyond simply accepting someone into our company. Such welcome is superficial if it also has to happen on our terms, according to our timeline, and in a … Continue reading “Welcome as a Spiritual Practice”