Your Loved One Painted as an Icon

father and child painting

Do you have someone you are totally devoted to? Enough to want to see them immortalized and hanging on your living room wall? 

Maybe you have a departed loved one, and want more than mere photos to keep the memory alive. 

A commissioned painting is a great way to memorialize special moments in a person's life. 

Have you ever wanted to freeze someone in time?

I have done portraits of parents with their newborns. The style is reminiscent of an icon painting.

This can also be a great way to honor departed loved ones.

portrait of grandma

Here is a portrait I painted of my grandmother, in honor of her life, on the occasion of her death. And next to it is the photo I worked from.

I want one! Now what? 

Contact me to discuss the project! 

I work from photographs (digital preferred). Right now, I'm only working off of existing photographs, so you'll need to have something to send me.


  • 8x10 = $180
  • 12x16 = $280
  • 16x20 = $360
  • 24x36 = $600

Custom sizes available at $10 per linear inch. (So, if a painting is 8x10, it would cost $180 because 10(8+10)=$180). Yay, math! 

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