Do you have someone you are totally devoted to? Enough to want to see them immortalized and hanging on your living room wall? 

Maybe you have a departed loved one, and want more than mere photos to keep the memory alive. 

A commissioned painting is a great way to memorialize special moments in a person's life.

Father and Daughter

Have you ever wanted to freeze someone in time?

I have done portraits of parents with their newborns. The style is reminiscent of an icon painting.

This can also be a great way to honor departed loved ones.


varies by canvas size

8x10 = $180
12x16 = $280
16x20 = $360
24x36 = $600

Custom sizes available at $10 per linear inch. (So, if a painting is 8x10, it would cost $180 because 10(8+10)=$180). Yay, math!

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